about Marina Morgan studio
Our modern cozy studio is located at the beachfront in Carrum, Victoria that makes it easy and comfortable for our clients to combine studio and outdoor photography experience in one session. What can be more relaxing than a beach walk after all!

These days we use  busy lifestyle as an excuse not to do things that matter. My every client who had their stunning portraits in hands realised that our busy lives is exactly why we have to make time for this!

You want to be real and see your true self in photos, you want to have best experiences for yourself and people you love.. your Mum and Dad, your beautiful children growing too quick, your sister, and your grandmother and your best friend.. they worth being in photos for you to look back at later on. 

If you stop for a minute and think about that.. think about the future and that you want to exist in impeccable photographs and to create legacy that represents YOU. Just the way your grandmother did back in the days, you love that photo of her taken in a photography atelier, don’t you?


I am in a business of beauty, the beauty every human naturally possesses. The people you see in my gallery are not professional models, they are real women and men: mums, dads, professionals, wives, husbands, some of them are grandparents even – they are who you meet daily in a supermarket or at the school pickup. None of them thought they were perfect.. They thought they were not photogenic, they had some extra weight, or too many wrinkles, etc etc.. they didn’t know how to pose and felt nervous about having their phots taken.. That was before they have experienced a portrait session with Marina Morgan.
Look at those stunning people in photos, they are just like you!

We know how powerful an amazing photograph of yourself is, we also know how damaging a bad photo of you can be. Your experience is about embracing your authentic beauty and feeling really really great doing this!

What does it mean to you? It means you are in capable hands of someone who sees your beauty and who can show it to you. I specialise in photographing people of different ages, genders and backgrounds for 15 years and I love this so much!
I believe that Marina Morgan experience is for you. And rather you do it for yourself or for your loved ones we will make you look and feel gorgeous, strong and really really cool. You will have an unforgettable experience and exquisite photos you take pride of, for you and your generations to look back at.

Bringing people together to share their loving moments is our mission. I encourage you to invest to your family and yourself through my work. I would like to meet you and discuss how we can work together to create some treasured photographs for you!

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